Episode 3

The third episode of Myko Baby Chronicles is set to premiere this Friday, featuring Maira, the founder of Active Mama, as the host.

Joining her as guests on the show are, Ashley the founder of Baby Expo, and Faiz, the founder of Playtorium.

The episode is dedicated to an insightful discussion about mumpreneurs, focusing on the unique challenges of balancing motherhood with entrepreneurship, staying motivated, and managing the demands of both roles.

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Episode 2

Get ready for the second episode of the exciting Myko Baby Chronicles podcast! Join our wonderful host, Amanda Rushforth, an environmental consultant, as she dives into the world of sustainable childrenswear and raising conscientious consumers in our upcoming episode.

Amanda will be joined by two incredible guests who are passionate about sustainability. Gemma Caroll, a holistic therapist and the founder of Refillables, a sustainable company, will be sharing her expertise on how to live a sustainable lifestyle. We are also thrilled to have Sharon Drugan, a celebrity makeup artist and conscious consumer, joining us to shed light on the importance of making mindful choices in our everyday lives.

In this episode, you can expect an empowering and informative discussion that explores the fascinating topic of sustainability in childrenswear. Amanda, Gemma, and Sharon will share their insights and experiences on how we can make a positive impact on the environment through the choices we make for our little ones.

Episode 1

Join host Harriet Mandak, an Empowerment Coach for Mothers, as she kickstarts the first episode with a captivating discussion on Navigating Postpartum Mental Health. 

Joined by special guest Chloe Hick, Founder of Browns & Co, along with Sonia Razzaque, Senior Marketing & Comms Manager, and Aisling Cooper, Managing Director. 

Watch our first episode here for an empowering and informative journey into the world of motherhood! πŸŽ™οΈπŸ’ͺ

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