We at Myko Kids hold ourselves accountable for our actions and prioritize human rights, sustainable and healthy development for both individuals and the environment. Integrating sustainability into our daily operations is a fundamental aspect of our strategic and operational decision-making process.

Myko Kids’ Code of Conduct articulates our objective in conducting our business and serves as the starting point for selection of our suppliers. We expect everyone we work with to share our commitment and be accountable for their actions and strive to the protect and preserve the environment while the human rights of the people who work for them. We strongly believe that caring for the environment, our fellow human beings and operating sustainably is not only the moral and correct course of action but also makes economic sense which is why we only work with partners and suppliers who share our philosophy and take responsibility by signing up to our Code of Conduct and submitting to the annual audits by our independent advisors.

At Myko Kids we believe that our customers are not just interested in the aesthetics and the quality of the products we produce. They are also equally concerned about our brand’s core values and how Myko Kids conducts itself behind the scenes in terms of implementing its social and environmental values conditions when it comes to manufacturing its garments.


At Myko Kids we recognize that it is not sufficient for a sustainable and environmentally and socially responsible brand to limit its philosophy to its own activities. This is why we hold our entire supply chain responsible and accountable for ensuring that our products are produced sustainable with a commitment to the protection of the environment as well as the rights of those who work to make our products. We spend considerable effort in selecting suppliers who guarantee their commitment to protecting the environment and treat their employees fairly and with dignity and respect. Our Code of Conduct which is the minimum standard we expect from our suppliers outlines our philosophy and takes it beyond our brand by requiring our suppliers to sign-up to our Code of Conduct.

The Code of Conduct is based on the sustainability principals articulated by Terra Carta, founded by the then HRH Prince of Wales and now King Charles III, as well as the international regulations and legislations.

We and our suppliers are doing something small today – a small step – but acting together with our customers, we hope to demonstrate our dedication and commitment to these principles through concrete and tangible actions.


Myko Kids aims to contribute to and encourage our customers and suppliers to help protect our planet and its impact on the environment by using organic and sustainable fabrics and only undertaking eco-friendly and sustainable manufacturing practices.

As a minimum, we demand that our suppliers and subcontractors follow applicable legislation and regulations regarding the environment such as use of and disposal of harmful substances and chemicals, handling wastewater and emissions. For example, we require that in our fabric mills’ production processes, our viscose from bamboo fabrics are made using a ‘closed loop’ process to ensure waste products are re-used, recycled and do not pollute the environment. Suppliers understand that independent environmental auditors will inspect, audit and if required make recommendations. Suppliers will be required to work with such auditors and Myko Kids to correct and remedy any environmental issues identified based on recommendations made.

Myko Kids only uses organic or sustainable materials and fabrics. Myko Kids acknowledges that organic or sustainable materials in connection with some accessories such as zippers are not readily available. Myko Kids will seek evidence and suppliers or subcontractors will be required to have and maintain the necessary documentation and certification to prove that the materials and fabrics used in Myko Kids products are organic or sustainable in accordance with Myko Kids’ specifications and internationally recognised standards. The supplier and subcontractors of Myko Kids are obligated to provide copies of valid and up to date documentation and certification at the time Myko Kids places its order with the relevant supplier and to keep these up to date and in place while Myko Kids and the relevant supplier’s relationship is ongoing.

Myko Kids works with third-party and independent advisors and consultant to measure its carbon footprint from seed to the last mile delivery to our customers. Such third-party advisors will require Myko Kids suppliers to provide detailed data including weight, source of fabrics and accessories, fabric certifications, use of electricity, water, chemicals and such other information as may desirable or necessary. Myko Kids’ suppliers must understand that they and their subcontractors are required to promptly comply with and provide accurate, detailed, and not misleading information and data requested by Myko Kids’ advisors.

Myko Kids offsets its carbon footprint and is certified carbon neutral and are committed to net zero principals. We encourage our suppliers to follow our footsteps.


Myko Kids requires all our suppliers, whether manufacturing or material suppliers, to be transparent with the locations of the production, both for the product and raw material. We ask that our suppliers (a) notify Myko Kids if they intend to use any subcontractor in fulfilling Myko Kids’ order, (b) to get Myko Kids’ sign-off in writing before appointing any such subcontractor, and (c) obtaining such subcontractor’s signature to an adherence agreement Myko Kids’ Code of Conduct.


Myko Kids does not tolerate bribery or any other type of corruption. Our employees, advisors and agents are expressly prohibited from giving or receiving gifts (monetary or otherwise) irrespective of the expectation of favors in return. Our employees, advisors and agents are under an obligation to report if a supplier offer them gifts. Equally, our suppliers are under an obligation to immediately notify Myko Kids if they suspect that any of Myko Kids’ employees, advisors or agents are asking for gifts or other similar items (cash or otherwise and irrespective of the monetary value).


It is possible that Myko Kids’ Code of Conduct is more far-reaching than the national legislation of the country where the supplier is located. However, in the event of a contradiction between Myko Kids’ requirements and national legislation, the law shall take precedence. The supplier in question is required to notify Myko Kids of any such conflicts. It is expected that all suppliers working with Myko Kids demonstrate a willingness to undertake efforts for improving upon their national legal requirements and meet the expectations set out in the Code of Conduct.

Supplier will ensure that employees are provided with a legally binding employment contract that includes all national law rights and requirements such social security, working hours, wages, overtime rates, and other legally required benefits. Suppliers are also required employment contracts for short-term or part-time employees that meet the requirements above.


Under Myko Kids’ Code of Conduct, it is strictly prohibited for any of our suppliers or their sub-contractors to engage in the use of forced labour. Discriminatory practices are also strictly prohibited. All employees must be treated equally and with respect without prejudice based on race, gender, ethnicity, religion, political affiliation, trade union membership, nationality or disabilities. Additionally, all employees must be entitled to educational/training opportunities relating to their work, and career development opportunities. Myko Kids’ Code of Conduct also prohibits discrimination against female workers due to pregnancy or maternity leave and must be granted equal access to employment opportunities. Pregnancy will not, under any circumstances, be considered a valid reason for termination of employment.


Myko Kids strictly prohibits and does not tolerate the use of child labour which is universally viewed as the exploitation of children. As per UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, individuals are considered as children until they reach the age of 18. However, in some of countries, the legal age of employment may be less than 18. In such cases, if a supplier or one of its sub-contractors is employing individuals between the ages 15-18, they must immediately notify Myko Kids prior to accepting any orders from Myko Kids. If such individual is to be employed after the placement of an order by Myko Kids, the supplier will immediately and prior to employing such individual notify Myko Kids in writing.


Myko Kids is committed to supporting our suppliers in ensuring that all their employees receive a fair and living wage. As minimum, Myko Kids’ Code of Conduct requires that all employees are by the minimum legal wage by our suppliers set by the relevant government. Wages must be sufficient to meet the basic needs of employees and their families, and allow for some savings for a standard working week. Any deduction from wages that are not required by the national laws of the supplier are strictly prohibited by the Code of Conduct.

The Code of Conduct requires that employees are paid a reasonable wage in relation to the amount of work performed. Overtime work must be compensated for those workers who are asked to work beyond normal working hours.


Health and safety of the people who work for us, whether our employees or employees of our suppliers is of paramount importance. The Code of Conduct requires that Myko Kids’ supplier provide their employees with a safe and hygienic workplace and they provide their employees with the necessary protective equipment and training. It is expected suppliers take measures to prevent accidents and minimize potential health or injury issues. Hazardous materials, equipment or facilities are strictly forbidden. 

All supplier facilities must have clearly marked emergency exits, fire alarms, fire extinguishers, and first aid equipment that is easily accessible. At least one person in each department should be trained in first aid. The supplier must ensure that employees work in a workplace that has the basic necessities such as heat, water, ventilation clean toilets and is free from any type of abuse, threats, unusual punishments, sexual or other harassments, or intimidation by the supplier or other employees. It is the supplier’s responsibility to create a safe and healthy working environment.


Myko Kids’ Code of Conduct requires that all employees are granted the freedom to associate and have the right to negotiate as a group with their employer through collective bargaining. Collective bargaining or membership of a trade union must not result in any type of recrimination, retaliation, discrimination, or reprisal by the employer. In cases where collective bargaining or membership of trade unions are prohibited or limited, the supplier and their sub- contractors must be open to and not restrict other forms of collective negotiations by the employees. Employee representatives who represents such employees should do so without fear of recrimination, retaliation, discrimination and are afforded access to locations and information needed to perform their duties in representing their employees.


We require that our suppliers are committed to ensuring that its employees are not subjected to excessive working hours and that all working hours comply with applicable national laws and regulations. The supplier will ensure that their employees are not required to work than 48 hours per week on a regular basis and are provided with at least one day off for every seven-day period. Any overtime must be voluntary, and employees will not be required to work more than 60 hours per week in total, including overtime. Overtime work will not be demanded on a regular basis and will be compensated at a premium rate in accordance with the law or, if the national laws do not address this, in accordance with any collective bargaining agreement agreed with the supplier’s employees. The Code of Conduct requires that all employees are entitled to contractual holidays, sick leave, and parental leave without fear of retaliation or discrimination.


It is the supplier’s responsibility to ensure that they and their subcontractors comply with the Code of Conduct and if the standards are not met, inform Myko Kids and together improve the conditions so the Code of Conduct can be adhered to. The supplier must be proactive in its compliance with this Code of Conduct and not wait for the audit by Myko Kids third-party advisors. Non-compliance, failure to notify of non-compliance or failure to remedy a non- compliance are ground for termination of any contract and relationship between Myko Kids and the supplier.